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Please join us for Seafarer’s semi-annual Shareholder Conference Call.

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Thursday, December 114:15pm ET / 1:15pm PT
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  • Fund Retrospective
  • Performance Discussion
  • A Cross Section of the Seafarer Fund
  • Featured Holdings
  • Question and Answer Session

The Shareholder Call Presentation will be posted on this site on the day of the call.

Portfolio Review – Third Quarter 2014

October 2014 – In his portfolio review, Andrew Foster discusses the recent volatility in markets and highlights specific holdings that had an impact on performance. He also analyzes changes in the Fund’s construct stemming from the addition of six new holdings and the deletion of six older ones. Andrew concludes by discussing a critical change that is subtly but surely re-shaping the financial markets of the developing world – and along with it, Seafarer’s investment philosophy: the rise of “value.”

Portfolio Review

Letter to Shareholders – Annual Report

May 2014 – In his address to shareholders, Andrew Foster reflects on the numerous shocks that weighed upon the emerging markets during the past year. Despite such challenges, stock prices were remarkably resilient; Andrew asserts this was because equities in the developing world were (and are) inexpensive. During a year beset by many troubles, China was the most worrisome market of all. Andrew acknowledges his concerns, but encourages shareholders to peer over the “great wall of worry.” The Middle Kingdom is engaged in a sweeping set of economic reforms that have the potential to put the country on an improved path. The final section of the letter includes announcements of interest to shareholders.

Letter to Shareholders

Seafarer Overseas Growth and Income Fund

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation along with some current income; it also seeks to mitigate adverse volatility in returns.


The Fund invests primarily in the securities of companies located in developing countries. The Fund invests in several asset classes including dividend-paying common stocks, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, and fixed-income securities. More...

News and Commentary

Field Notes: Hong Kong

Paul Espinosa reflects on the Hong Kong student protests: the reality on the ground, the views of Hong Kong residents, and what it means within the Chinese context.

Field Notes: Chengdu

Chengdu’s cityscape reflects its rising economic and political clout - but the city also holds a number of deeply troubled commercial property projects, mirroring broader problems across China.

Seafarer Fund

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