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Seafarer Overseas Value Fund

Portfolio Briefing – Third Quarter 2019

Paul Espinosa notes that macro developments – specifically the U.S.-China trade war and Hong Kong protests – impacted the emerging markets universe, but Value Fund performance was largely driven by company-specific factors. In addition, Paul explains that minority shareholders are increasingly able to realize value in emerging markets due to improving corporate governance, and he cites two portfolio holdings as recent examples.

Portfolio Briefing

Letter to Shareholders – Annual Report

Seoul, South Korea

In the Annual Report letter, Michelle Foster and Nicholas Borst reflect on the three-year anniversary of the Seafarer Overseas Value Fund. The Fund aims to exploit certain long-term structural changes in the developing world – changes that Seafarer believes will force various companies to realize a portion of the value that is embedded in their balance sheets. In addition, Michelle and Nicholas explain that amid ongoing volatility and uncertainties in emerging markets, Seafarer continues to invest in personnel and resources to better serve the Funds.

Letter to Shareholders

News and Commentary

Prevailing Winds

How Exposed Are U.S. Investors to China?

U.S. investors are more exposed to China than the official statistics indicate, but far less exposed than some policymakers and the media may imagine.

How Exposed Are U.S. Investors to China?

Ben Graham Conference – Value in EM Panel

At the Ben Graham VI Annual Conference hosted by CFA Society New York, Paul Espinosa applies Seafarer’s seven distinct sources of value to the securities universe within the emerging markets and concludes that the opportunity for value-oriented investments is significant.


The Diplomat – Understanding China’s Bond Ratings

In The Diplomat, Seafarer’s Kate Jaquet writes that the arrival of international credit rating agencies in China could draw greater foreign participation to the Chinese bond market.


Field Notes


Street Food Vendors, Please Satay Away

The Thai military government’s crackdown on street food vendors in Bangkok leaves a sour taste to some.



Companies Find Growth Overseas

Facing a competitive domestic market, nimble Korean companies find growth overseas.