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We welcome your interest in Seafarer Funds. Seafarer offers two funds that seek to participate in the opportunities afforded by progress in the developing world: the Seafarer Overseas Growth and Income Fund and the Seafarer Overseas Value Fund.

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Complete the application process online using our secure site.

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Investment Minimums

Initial Investment Subsequent Investment
Regular Account Automatic Investment Plan Account1 Retirement Account2 Educational Savings Account3
Seafarer Overseas Growth and Income Fund
Investor Class (SFGIX)4
Institutional Class (SIGIX)
Seafarer Overseas Value Fund
Investor Class (SFVLX)
Institutional Class (SIVLX)

Automatic Investment Plan

Set up Regular Fund Investments via Automatic Deductions from Your Bank Account

  • The minimum automatic investment is $100 per month or quarter.
  • The plan is available for both the Investor and Institutional share classes.
  • Enroll online or by mail (for new accounts, use the Account Application; for existing accounts, use the Account Options Form).
  • There is no charge to participate, and you can stop the deductions at any time.

Institutional Class Waiver Program

Shareholders who sign up for an Automatic Investment Plan (“AIP”) can request a waiver of the Institutional class investment minimum.5 Accounts must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. The account must be established directly with Seafarer Funds, not with a platform or intermediary.
  2. The account must activate an AIP.
  3. The account holder must request the waiver on the Account Application or Account Options Form; when establishing a new account online; or by calling Shareholder Services at (855) 732-9220. The applicant must request the waiver in good faith, with the intent to eventually meet the Institutional class minimum via a program of sustained investment over time.

In addition, existing AIP participants can convert from the Investor class to the Institutional class of the same Fund (known as a “share class transfer”), provided they satisfy all three criteria above. To request a share class transfer, call (855) 732-9220.

  1. Shareholders who sign up for an Automatic Investment Plan can request a waiver of the Institutional Class investment minimum. View the waiver program criteria.
  2. IRA and Roth IRA.
  3. Coverdell Education Savings Account.
  4. The Growth and Income Fund's Investor Class (SFGIX) is closed to most new investors.
  5. In the case of the Institutional class waiver, the Investor class AIP initial investment minimum ($1500) applies.