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Portfolio Briefing

Andrew Foster describes how misperceptions about China’s post-Covid re-opening swung markets, and how the Growth and Income Fund fared amid the swings. Paul Espinosa discusses the value he sees in a new holding in India. Andrew concludes by offering his views on what Alibaba’s restructuring announcement might mean.


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As of March 31, 2023, Alibaba Group Holding, Ltd. comprised 3.8% of the Seafarer Overseas Growth and Income Fund, Sanlam, Ltd. comprised 3.3% of the Fund, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Pfd. comprised 3.5% of the Fund, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. comprised 1.4% of the Fund. The Fund did not own shares in the other securities referenced in this video. View the Fund’s Top 10 Holdings. Holdings are subject to change.
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