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Institutional Class Waiver Program

Shareholders who sign up for an Automatic Investment Plan (“AIP”) can request a waiver of the Institutional class investment minimum.1 Accounts must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. The account must be established directly with Seafarer Funds, not with a platform or intermediary.
  2. The account must activate an AIP.
  3. The account holder must request the waiver on the Account Application or Account Options Form; when establishing a new account online; or by calling Shareholder Services at (855) 732-9220. The applicant must request the waiver in good faith, with the intent to eventually meet the Institutional class minimum via a program of sustained investment over time.

In addition, existing AIP participants can convert from the Investor class to the Institutional class of the same Fund (known as a “share class transfer”), provided they satisfy all three criteria above. To request a share class transfer, call (855) 732-9220.

  1. In the case of the Institutional class waiver, the Investor class AIP initial investment minimum ($1500) applies.